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Workshop participants practicing their new skills.

Sierra Training Associates is a consultancy serving business, government, non-profit and academic organizations in their development of leadership, organizational change, and increasing effectiveness and efficiency towards collaborative and adaptive environments.

Enhance the effectiveness of leadership and communications: one on one, meetings, retreats, public speaking and within an organization's daily life.

Address needs in ethics, supervision, management and leadership.

Sierra Training Associates specializes in the custom design and delivery of a full slate of personal and professional development, and also training uniquely suited to:

Leaders of Organizations and Agencies

For leading the work of any organization or agency, Sierra Training Associates provides workshops and seminars on research-based models for:

Some of the services offered by Sierra Training Associates include design and delivery of workshops and seminars on:

Collectively, our consultants have worked in the industry for more than 100 years. Sierra Training Associates is an industry leader with expertise in the areas of leadership, nonverbal communication, effective presentation skills, development of collaborative groups and facilitation. Sierra Training Associates works with executive, mid-level and front-line staff, skilled professionals, as well as management and sales teams. Our firm, unique in its approach, has a reputation as an organization with:

For Educators

Sierra Training Associates provides workshops for teachers focusing on:

For leading the work of educational institutions, Sierra Training Associates provides customized workshops and seminars aimed at:

Our customized workshops also include sessions aimed at:

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