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How to Register

Registration is a two-step process. If we do not receive the required registration information or prompt payment of the registration fee, registration cannot be guar­anteed.

Step 1, Registration:  Please complete the Registration Form below. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the "Comments or Ques­tions" box. After completing the form, please click the "Send Form" button.

Step 2, Fee Payment:  After you successfully submit your registration information, a registration confirmation page will be displayed here. Please click the "PayPal Check out" button on the confirmation page, and submit your workshop fee payment by using the PayPal® payment interface. NOTE: Having a PayPal® account is not required, as PayPal® can process credit card and debit card payments also.

After submitting your workshop fee payment via PayPal®, you will be returned to a page on this Web site confirming completion of your registration for "You're Up—Be On!." You will receive confirmation of your workshop fee payment by e-mail from PayPal®.

NOTE:  If you experience any problem with the registration process, please let us know by using our "Contact Us" page (new window).

Step 1:  Registration Form

Privacy Policy

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